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Campaign Manager

The campaign builder manager helps the internal marketing team to easily build or update any campaign with the company branding guidelines.

Olay AR App

Olay is an augmented reality app helping users to instant personalization filter and sort.

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Eventora App cover image
Eventora App

TEventora App comes to help you organize your events and follow up with your audience.

PriceTag App

PriceTag is a grocery price comparison app that enables users to check and compare grocery prices.

PriceTag cover image
Currency exchange cover image
Currency Exchange

Currency exchange calculator for Desktop and Mobile helping users to easily search or change the currencies and amount.


SAME app is helping the users to share their time with friends by hanging out for "Shopping, dinner, and more" by inviting them, Track om map and confirm reserving a table

SAME app cover image
Coding projects cover image
Coding Projects

Responsive website projects uding HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Bootstrap, and a little bit of JS.

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