Campaign Manager

Campaign Builder Manager


The new campaign manager helps the “internal” Marketing team to easily build any campaign easily with branding guidelines automatically. We are trying to reduce the design review process to ZERO and can update the subscriber’s list easily


Vettons Company




Research, Analysis, Ideation, Wireframe, Prototype and Usability testing


Adobe XD, Miro

Understanding the Project

Problem space
  • All campaigns should follow the company branding and be consistent.
  • All campaigns should follow the company branding and be consistent.
  • The marketing team is usually not 100% aware of the company branding.

Solution space
  • The internal platform helps the marketing team to easily create or update the campaign.

  • Reduce the design review process as much as we can.

Design Process

The Double Diamond design model has four stages: Discovery, Definition, Development and Delivery Together.

I’m using these stages to organize my thoughts in order to improve the creative process.


In discover step, I’m trying to:

Discover the targeted users and their personality and user journey by meeting them face to face or in a video conference calls to know the pain points.

Who is the user?

Ceryl Lam

  • Campaigns Executive at Vettons
  • Using many campaign builder tools
Empathy Map
  • What’s the user's main role in the “Vettons” Company?
  • Is there any situation that impacts the daily job in a negative way?
  • What are the issues/pain points?
  • What is the current process user follow to send a campaign?
  • What makes the user feel happy?
Meet Ceryl Lam

Campaigns Executive

  • Ceryl is a campaign executive working at Vettons, She loves hicking and adventures.
  • Working on Vettons for +2 years in the marketing team.
  • Reporting to Head of Marketing.
  • She thinks that we should improve our process to create, update and review the campaign. because now take a lot of time.
User Journey
Pain Points
  • Wasting time to review whether the design is following the brand guideline or not.
  • Not easy to understand the branding guidelines
  • Edit the campaign design many times and the mistakes are repeatable.
  • The campaign is delayed because waiting for the Design team to review it first.
  • Remove the unsubscribe list manually.
Exploratory Interviews- Plan, Conduct and Analyise
  • In-depth interview (45 mins) with 4 persons
  • Marketing team and design team
  • Goal 1: Marketing team Pain Point
  • Goal 2: Design team Pain Point
  • Goal 3: Change the process to make it easier.
Expected result
  • A better and easier process to create, update and review the campaign.
  • Reduce the design review time as much as we can.


In define step, I’m trying to:

Define the main pain points and prioritize it with stakeholders based on the value and effort to know which features we gonna build first based on (WSJF) Worked Shortest Job First.


Create a pre-designed templates with a company branding guidelines, by uploading a HTML file and an Images "Zip" file in one step.


Drag and drop the styled components to the campaign builder.


Campaign report with more details: How many links were clicked, How many bounced emails, unsubscribed users list, and more.


Mass Unsubscribe: Upload the list of unsubscribers users then in one click remove them from the main list.


We believe that Marketing is really important to the “Vettons”. We are looking to create a campaign process easily and faster is really important to the company, to achieve that we need to have a pre-designed template the marketing team can use without asking for a design review, Easily upload the templates, drag and drop styled-components, just change the content and go.


In develop step, I’m trying to:

Develop sketches for the ideas helps me to solve the users problems.



In develop step, I’m trying to:

Create a high fidelity prototype with interaction to helps me test the usability with a real users.

Update Campaign Template
Create new campaign
Campaign Report
Mass Unsubscribe

Try self prototype demo from here

Usability Testing
  • (Challange the hypothesis and the design)

  • Goal: Validate the Design
Usability Testing - Scenario and Task Success
  • Provide interactive prototype
  • Plan 4 tasks, and mesure task success
  • Marketing and design team members
  • Goal 1: What would be improved?